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India vows of a profusion of scenic beauties, an exuding mishmash of cultures, a variety in climatic conditions - all things that hold fun for a global traveler. In this mesmerizing land, Leh claims a position of distinction. It has been a preferred choice for both adventure junkies and culture aficionados for years. Leh is a land of quaint boulevards, vibrant marketplaces, old-world monasteries, breathtaking Himalayan views and something angelic that only Leh can offer. And what better way to experience Leh than staying at Lha-Ri-Sa!

Lha-Ri-Sa is a perfect blend of traditional allure and contemporary conceptualization! You can’t help being smitten by its intimate setting coupled with the exceptional service. The resort reminds you of the simplicity and warmth that is epitomized by Leh as well as its people. It is sure to take your Leh experience a notch higher.

Add to this, our special packages that take care of your individual choice. Take our words: after your day’s excursion, it will be a real treat to come back to the resort to ensconce yourself in peace and privacy. Lha-Ri-Sa will make you feel close to untouched natural treasure. What’s more, the hotel is well-connected with airport, Leh bazaar and other attractions that Leh has to offer.

You will find both Innocence and Exoticism interwoven into this marvel of a land, called Leh.

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Lha-Ri-Sa Resort


The resort are a classic example of modern luxury and class. With fully furnished spacious rooms, indulge in a reminiscent comfortable stay while enjoying the luxury and service provided to you by the hospitable staff at the resort. The prime location, beautiful surroundings, and the highest standards of hospitality are some of the leading factors drawing tourists to this accessible resort.

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Lha-Ri-Sa Resort


Our resort’s warm hospitality, the pleasing and an assortment of delectable dishes at our multi-cuisine restaurant make the experience satiating. Our team of experienced chefs aims at providing your meals as per your taste and choice and are delighted to serve you dishes of your choice in Indian cuisine. What blend well with our concept is our quick service menus with light and healthy selections for an all-day busy business traveler.